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Sweepkeys are the unique word entrants will text to the number 65047 to enter. Ex. "Text WIN to 65047 to enter." WIN is the Sweepskey.

Unlimited Participants can enter your sweepstakes.

Unlimited Text Messages credits for sending texts to all your participants. Send messages, offers, or coupons to your participants at no additional cost.

Official Rules Wizard will walk you thru a set of questions to create your own set of sweepstakes Official Rules.

Customizable Entry Form wizard helps you design your own branded, mobile ready, sweeps Entry form where you can ask participants for their name, email, address, and even open ended questions like "Would you like for us to schedule an appointment with you?"

One-on-one Onboarding Training we schedule a Sweeppea walk-thru and sweepstakes set-up call with you. Then we follow-up with you to test and ensure that your sweeps is ready to rock!

Campaign Reports gives you participant demographics like age, gender, zip code, city and state, as well as total participants, opt-outs, click-thru on links, total texts sent vs. received, geolocation, and sweeps activity reports delivered to your inbox.

Performance Insights and Reporting goes beyond participant demographics reports and into the marketing performance of your sweeps. It tracks how many visitors came the Entry form and which ads, social channels, search engines or websites got them there. Once there, we track how many converted from visitors to participants, which device (mobile or desktop) they used to enter and which states and cities they came from.